Out Of The Clouds

Caitlin Krause on digital wellbeing, building worlds and designing wonder

Episode Notes

In this captivating instalment, listeners are invited to embark on a transformative journey as host Anne Muhlethaler interviews Caitlin Krause — a distinguished experience designer, learning expert, and author — as she shares her expertise on mindfulness, storytelling, and immersive technology. Caitlin currently teaches a course on "Digital Wellbeing: Healthy Relationships with Technology" at Stanford University, focused on developing mindful strategies for incorporating technology into life design in a way that meets our goals, our passions, our sense of purpose, and our overall well being. This is a transdisciplinary course that looks at the heart of what it means to be human in this day and age, integrating technology and paying attention to how we inform and navigate new terrain with a sense of presence and wonder.

Caitlin shares with Anne her remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to innovation and human-centred design. As the founder of MindWise, Caitlin has dedicated herself to igniting creativity and intention in individuals, leveraging mindfulness, storytelling, and design to foster meaningful connections with technology. With a background steeped in the arts and a decade of experience as an educator, Caitlin brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to her work. 

Throughout the episode, Caitlin reflects on pivotal moments in her life: a childhood fascination with the sea, embracing misbehaviour and play, her dream of becoming an astronaut and the profound influence of poetry. Drawing from her experiences living in Russia and the guidance of her grandfather and parents, Caitlin shares insights into her interdisciplinary approach to life and work, shaping her worldview and informing her groundbreaking contributions to the field.

Next Caitlin andAnne delve into the world of extended reality (XR), discussing the importance of creating safe spaces for exploration, setting intentions, and understanding the transformative potential of neuroplasticity. Through Caitlin's expertise and Anne's experiences in creating immersive XR environments, they uncover the profound connection between wonder, awe, and neuroplasticity, highlighting the power of imagination and presence in finding happiness.

Join Caitlin and Anne on a journey of discovery as they traverse the physical, imaginary and digital realms, seeking balance and intentionality in our collective exploration of immersive experiences. A warm and inspiring interview. Enjoy!


Selected links from episode: 

You can find Caitlin at CaitlinKrause.com

or on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/caitlinkrause/

And on Instagram

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